Monthly Archives: December 2016

Riding an old Flandria bicycle

Riding an old Flandria bicycle through eastern Zeeuws Vlaanderen (zeelandic flanders):


A new start, by choice this time!

Cycling is one of my hobbies. Riding a bike, maintaining a bike and tinkering on a bike. However, since January 2014 my cycling went downhill (in the bad kind of way!). Due to broken toes, bad back, bad legs, etc… I hardly got on the bike. This meant that my physical condition deteriorated to, not


An involuntary new start

Early december my site was moved from one server to another as the hosting company was taken over by another. Moving the site didn’t go quite flawless it seems. Checking my site after the move and the database of my wordpress site was completely empty! No posts, no replies, no settings for site or plug-in’s.