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Month: February 2018


July 7, 2016:
I love to go out on a ride before sunrise, watching how the sun wakes up the world is often one of the highlights of a ride…

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No more distro hopping?

For quite some time now, al the computers here have GNU/Linux as an operating system. The only bit resembling MS Windows is Wine on a laptop in case we should need to run some Windows software. But up till now, we never had the need for it. There is plenty of choice in free GNU/Linux software, so we can always find a good alternative.

Talking about choice, there is an enormous variety in GNU/Linux distributions which might be a bit overwhelming for a GNU/Linux beginner. I’ve been playing around with several distro’s myself (still am to be honest), always looking for a distro that fits my needs and feels good. Always searching, until recently. Just when I started to feel more like a distro-hopper than a computer user, I realized that during my search I always came back to the same distro that’s already running on my laptop.

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The weird thing about birthdays

On the last day of another year of living, some strange thoughts bubble up in my mind. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that the younger you are the more you look forward to your birthday. And when you get older, that enthusiasm decreases very fast. Mental health on the other hand seems to go along a reverse line. When you’re young every birthday gets you a bit closer to adulthood and wisdom comes with age, or so they say. However, the older you get the bigger the change that infancy returns. For some a bit sooner than for others of course. šŸ˜‰

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The sad demise of a little blue bird

I’ve had a twitter account for a couple of years. It was fun at first, even interesting from time to time. Having contact with like-minded people over the world. And posting messages with maximum 140 character never was a problem. A nice challenge even. But slowly the little blue birds timeline started changing (in my opinion that is).

More and more political babbling, “begging-tweets” for charities, people only interested in their own so called super achievement of afflictions. Interaction with others became less and less and one by one accounts I was following disappeared from my timeline.

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