Monthly Archives: February 2018

Sunrise over Canisvliet Westdorpe

November 1, 2015:
Sunrise over Canisvliet Westdorpe...



July 7, 2016:
I love to go out on a ride before sunrise, watching how the sun wakes up the world is often one of the highlights of a ride...



July 10, 2016
Reflecting while taking a break during a ride...


Oncoming traffic with an attitude

Some people just don't give a damn about others.

Yesterday, 17-02-2018, I've encountered this oncoming farmer. I have 3 headlights on my trike, so I thought I was pretty visible. This farmer was either sleeping, playing with his phone or just don't gives a shit about other road users. :(


No more distro hopping?

For quite some time now, al the computers here have GNU/Linux as an operating system. The only bit resembling MS Windows is Wine on a laptop in case we should need to run some Windows software. But up till now, we never had the need for it. There is plenty of choice in free GNU/Linux software, so we can always find a good alternative.

Talking about choice, there is an enormous variety in GNU/Linux distributions which might be a bit overwhelming for a GNU/Linux beginner. I've been playing around with several distro's myself (still am to be honest), always looking for a distro that fits my needs and feels good. Always searching, until recently. Just when I started to feel more like a distro-hopper than a computer user, I realized that during my search I always came back to the same distro that's already running on my laptop.