That's a good and difficult question: Who is Frank V? At job interviews maybe one of the hardest questions to answer: Tell me who you are and what kind of person you are. But let's start at the beginning. The easiest and most logical step.

II was born in Zeelandic Flanders, in a little town called Axel in the year 1965. I've lived there for 30 year (except for 1 year living in Goes for my studies), so i'm what they call a real êrpelkapper (more about nicknames in Zeelandic Flanders here). Up till now (with the exception of the year in Goes) I've lived in Zeelandic Flanders all my live and hope to stay here for quite some time more. I was born around 04:15 am and ever since been an early bird. wink

Eventhough the last couple of years several circumstances have prevented me from riding as much as I used to, cycling and working on bicycles is still one of my favorite hobbies. Especially looking for affordable (read MacGyver) solutions. When out riding, I prefer to start well before dawn. Riding through the silent country side, enjoying the peace and quiet, the landscape and day break. In the category "Cycling" you can read more about my cycling trips and bike tinkering.

I also like to play with language, word-play, language jokes at work and once in a while i try my hand at writing poetry. I call it wannabe poetry. I write in Dutch and in English. As a young boy I fell in love with England, the language, history and culture. Some of my scribbles are posted on this site.

Playing with computers is something I enjoy too. Especially trying out Linux distro's. I've turned my back at Windows years ago and never ventured into a Apple Macintosh adventure. For several years now, Busenlabs linux is my favorite OS. Sometimes installing a different distro's next to it.

I love listening to music, all kinds of music. But my favorites are:

  • Country
  • Rock ('n Roll)
  • Jazz
  • Dixieland

One day I hope to find the time to learn how to play the blues harp, but quite often work, chores and cycling take up too much time. But who knows... undecided

Now you've got a very basic idea about who I am.

If you want to find out more, take a look at the articles on my site.

Enjoy your stay!



Frank V


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My most recent bicycles:


Batavus Old Dutch:


The "battleship" as I cal it. It's been used for commuting for 6 years and once in a while a short touring trip. With a bit more than 20 kg's a real heavy weight. Also because of the Lepper Primus seat and the Stecco front carrier. Very comfortable to ride, but real hell if you get a flat at the back... :-(

Update july 2012: The Old Dutch has been decommissioned


M5 Streetlegal 28/20 Another dutch brand


A real cruise ship so to speak. Absolutely wonderful riding a recumbent! And with the special panniers, you have room for just about too much stuff to carry. Officialy, this bike is my brothers. I've had to sell my own while i was unemployed. Last year I gave my brothers M5 a thourough checkup and made it road worthy. Last century model, but the ride is great!!!


Gazelle Alu lite Impulse: Yet again a dutch brand


Bought second hand in august 2011 and by now (may 2012) tracked about 3000 km on this bike. Lovely bike, no doubt about that. But as second hand goes, you never know what''s coming up. And quite some parts need replacing by now. Seems the last owner enjoyed this bike also. ;-) Personaly, i think the frame size is a bit small for me. So this bike will be replaced. That is, the frame will be replaced. I've ordered a Surly Disc Trucker frameset and will be using some of the components off the Gazelle.

Update july 2012: The Gazelle has also has been decommissioned


Surly Disc Trucker 26"

Both the Batavus and the Gazelle have been replaced in july 2012 by a Surly Disc Trucker which I've build myself.

surly disc trucker 1 surly disc trucker 1a

great riding bike and plenty sturdy! A worthy successor!


Update may/june 2014: "new" addition:

May 2014 I've bought an old Flandria Tourer bike from 1973, cleaned it, fixed it and put it back on the road:

1973 Flandria tourer

Update march 2017: The Flandria has gone.  cry 


Update november 2016:

Latest addition: A Trident Trikes Stowaway, bought at Jouta Ligfietsen in Zwijndrecht.  At this moment, I haven't done much riding on it but I will be for sure!

Update juni 2019: De Stowaway is omgebouwd to E-Trike

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