At the end of 2010 I bought my first android device, a Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0. A 5 inch device with no phone function. A mini tablet so to speak. To replace my old usb mp3 players, which were very limited as far as storage was concerned and didn't have internal speakers. You might remember these little players:

Easy to take with you, not so easy to use without a screen. The Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 (also know as Galaxy player or YP-G70 for short) was a very good device for listening to music. Lots of storage (16 gig was a lot at that time), stereo sound through headphones AND speakers, and being an android device pretty multi functional. Browsen, mail and later on also a tracker for my bicycle rides. Perfect apparatus and a very good battery! But, unfortunately, this player has passed away recently. Hadn't had an update for years (still running on gingerbread) and charging took a hell of a long time. Up till the point it wasn't charging anymore. So RIP player, one way ticket to the recycle centre and time for a change. I did remove and keep the internal speakers though. You never know... After my Nokia E71 I've switched to android for phones, I had a Sony Ericsson Xperia Active and for the last couple of years a CAT B15Q. I also had Moto G3 as a backup phone. All 3 water and dust resistant and solid. The Sony has been put to the side (small screen and ageing eyes don't go together well) and CAT doesn't update de B15Q any more, so some apps (like banking) don't work anymore. Shame though... That CAT is/was a wonderful phone! So the CAT has taken it's place on the bench, next to the Sony and the Moto has become my daily phone for now. Bye bye Samsung, bye bye CAT en Hello Moto!

As for tracking my cycling tours, I've found a Asus Zenfone 4 for just 99 euro's at Couldn't let an offer like that slide of course. Not a water resistant outdoor phone this time, but it seems like a reasonable phone for that price. Time will tell if these 2 (slightly more recent) phones will be as good and lasting as the others. And what about my MP3 music files? For that I have 2 Cowon MP3 players. a Cowon D2 I use in my car and a Cowon M2 I use for cycling and walking.

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