Last week I bought myself a new toy for some "old-fashioned" entertainment: A record player! So time to blow the dust off of the old vinyl. A big box with long-play records and a little case filled to the brim with 45 rpm singles. It's gonna be a trip down memory lane while listening to and digitizing my musical preferences from my youth.

vpl-200-blackThe record player is a Denver vpl-200, suitable for connecting to my laptop. So to test it, I plugged the USB cable into my Bunsenlabs (linux) computer and Audacity had no problems recognizing/connecting to the player. No extra drivers, no hassle. Exactly as I expected from al Linux computer. sealed

You can also just listen to your records on this gramophone. It has a built-in amplifier and 2 small speakers. Don't expect real hi-fi quality though. The speakers are to small for that and de record player casing is hardly a speaker box. But you can connect an external amp and speakers.

I'll be starting the digitizing proces soon. But I all ready know I'm gonna find some records that make me think "what the hell was I thinking..." tongue-out



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