A couple of weeks ago I was told it was almost the end of the road for my Chevrolet Nubira. Even with repairs it wouldn't make it through the MOT, so every euro spend would be wasted. That was very disappointing news, as the Chevy was a very nice car to drive with lots of space and comfortable seats.  But these things happen...

Although the MOT wasn't until October, I went searching for a replacement right a way. You never know of course. And this time, the new second hand car is quite something different compared to the Korean.

I found a 2005 Fiat Panda. A Fiat Panda 169, according to the "connoisseurs". Also called Panda II or Nuovo Panda. (What's in a name, right?)

A light blue, 5-door midget, with (to be honest) a lot of comfort on board. Good seats, well-arranged dashboard, 6 speakers, climate control, City parking, etc...  Made a short test drive, very short because of a lack of fuel, and I liked the little car from the start. And thinking about the better fuel economy, cheaper insurance & taxes and easier to park, I've set aside my aversion of modern car electronics. 2 weeks ago the "Peanut" was delivered.

Even though the standard on-board radio was of reasonable quality,

I've switched it out for the old Pioneer that came out of my Peugeot and Chevy. Better sound and more space to put some things away (but no photo yet foot-in-mouth)

All in all, I'm quite happy with the mini Italian up till now. But some mornings I still scratch my head and wonder where the rest of the car is...  tongue-out

As far as auto mobility goes, I'm good for a while again (hopefully for a couple of years), but once again: Time will tell!


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