It was (and will be for a while) quite a hassle, but I've migrated my website from  Wordpress to Joomla. And for now, I think everything is in working order. A couple of articles have been uploaded, the remaining posts will be put here in due time. I wasn't able to migrate comments from visitors, as the old site had the build-in comment system from WordPress. Here on the new site I'm giving the JComment system a try. Just to see if it suits me.

But why the change?

A long tme ago, I've started my first blog with WordPress, after a short while trying out Joomla, but after an even shorter while returning to WordPress. A CMS / Blog script that is quite easy to learn and to work with. And easy to personalize with templates and plug-ins. After some years, WordPress came with online up-dates making things a lot more simple. But than they started with automatic updates. You will receive a mail stating that your site has been updated to a newer version. Easy? Yes! But makes me wonder what else they can do with your website? undecided

I also maintain a website for a dutch senior orchestra called De Jeugd van Toen, (also on WordPress) that went down after the last "spontaneous" because one plug-in wasn't compatible with the new WordPress version.  Should have been warned by an automated mail message identifying the problem and the plug-in causing it. But due to an error in the update, that mail was never sent. Whithout warning! Thank goodness it was easy to solve, but it made me think.

So, once again, I turned my attention to Joomla. Steeper learning curve, but I can sort that out with online documents and tutorials. As a CMR it's a lot more flexible than WordPress, just in case I might wanna do more with this site in the future. So, downloaded the script, read some instructions, made a back-up of the old site and database and went to work on a Joomla site.

Now my website has new looks again and this time a lot of new stuff "under the hood".
Interesting for visitors? Probably not! But than again, my site really isn't a crowd magnet. surprised
Fun for me? Absolutely! Always nice to mess around with new thing and learning new stuff. sealed

Time will tell whether Joomla will be the right CMS for me.

{jcomments on}

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