Recently, we've cut down one of the trees in our garden that grew way to big. Which left us with a huge pile of cuttings. One option is to bring it to the recycle centre and use the bigger logs for the wood burning stove, but I wanted to do something different. A bit inspired by the BBC programme Money For Nothing.

As going for a walk or a hike is physically impossible for me (maybe one day again?) I came up with the idea to make 2 walking sticks for my father and my brother. They will be doing the  Airborne March again soon and I thought this would be a nice surprise. I've selected 2 suitable branches and removed as much bark as possible. Took my own length to estimate the right size of the sticks and gave the wood some light sanding. One remarkable thing was that underneath the bark something appeared that looked like letters. As if somebody managed to carve initials underneath the bark... surprised

IMG_20180812_160408 IMG_20180814_161029

I've used a heat gun for some visual effects and treated the wood with some furniture wax. When the wax had dried I've polished the sticks with a cloth and treated them with a polyurethane varnish for extra protection.

IMG_20180814_080922 IMG_20180814_080905

Drilled a hole for a leather lanyard and used a ribbon in the Dutch red, white and blue colours to make a grip. At Webshop De Vrolijke Engel I've bought 2 keyrings with a Saint Christopher badge and attached them to the grips. For protection of the bottom of the sticks I've used pieces of rubber of an old Schwalbe Big Apple bicycle tyre.

IMG_20180815_072143 IMG_20180815_072200 IMG_20180815_072215 IMG_20180815_072233

I personally think these handmade walking sticks came out all right and I really enjoyed making them. Now still 1 to make for my mother and have a think about what else I can do with the remaining cuttings.

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