My 2 weeks vacation are almost over. Tomorrow it's back to work. Not that I've been sitting on my butt for 2 weeks, really not.
We've been giving the kitchen a make-over to give it a fresh new look.

About 14 years ago, when we bought this house, we painted the kitchen purple and blue. Felt like a good idea at the time. foot-in-mouth
But time goes on and our taste has changed, so about time for a make-over.
(click on the photo's for a bigger view)

When we moved in, there where pine floorboards in the kitchen. We removed them a while back, but unfortunately, the original floor tiles from the 30's were too damaged and incomplete to use. So a couple of weeks before my vacation I've put laminate flooring in.

 P-20190719-191001   P-20190720-070008   P-20190720-111914   P-20190720-135951

The backsplash were metro tiles and we didn't like that anymore. I wanted to try and make a new backsplash with the left-over laminate flooring. It turned out rather good to be honest.

 P-20190730-120245   P-20190730-120306

During my vacation time to sand and paint the kitchen. This time a combination of white and creme.

 P-20190902-144337   P-20190904-092838

Some might call it a "distressed look", others will call it a "shut-up-and-continue look":


Moving right along with paintbrush and roller

 P-20190908-101100   P-20190908-101113   

And, even if I say so myself, the result is not too bad for an amateur handy man

 P-20190915-073443   P-20190915-073609

One thing left to do: the window frame. But that's a job for next weekend.

Tomorrow back to work for the boss that pays me, so (yesterday and) today some well earned rest. cool


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