I know, listening to music while cycling is a touchy subject. A lot has been said about it on the net (even some seriously overheated debates), but it's a common sight on the streets and bicycle lanes these days. And yes, I listen to music while cycling too. Mostly on my morning commute that is.

At 3:30 am there's not much traffic about, and other road users can easily be seen by their lights. So the music isn't that much of a distraction. The only part of my morning commute where I turn the music off, is while riding through the woods. No music can beat the singing of the birds. wink

In my particular situation listening to streaming music online is not an option. I live in the Netherlands and work in Belgium. So being online during my commute would result in sky high roaming costs. So I've got an Cowon M2 media player loaded with a 64 Gb sd card. Plenty of space for my music and the possibility to listen to the radio too. It also provides me with the music of my choice while at work. And according to my co-workers, it's a very diverse collection of songs. Here you will find 34 pages of songs that have found a permanent home on my sd card: daily music And by the end of september some 200 christmas songs are added: X-mas music Enough music to accompany me during my commutes and rides I should think. smile

Here are some clips of my favorite work-out songs:

Music while cycling, whether you like it or despise it: Rock on and Ride on! cool

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