Part 1: My job


2019 had to come with some changes, that was something I was hoping for by the end of last year. The first and biggest change should be my job, and after years of searching and writing letters that change had finally come.


Ever since februari 2013 I’ve been working in Belgium (I live in the Netherlands). I’ve been a warehouse manager for a company in the Industrial Cleaning sector. Not a bad job (despite working the early shift every day) but the first few years the location was far from perfect. A warehouse with holes in the roof and walls, no heating (except my litte office in the second winter) was a very cold place to work. Previously I had a job as a foreman, so the new paycheck was a lot less too. But I didn’t really have a choice at that time and we had to eat.


With a change in management came a change in company policy and overall mentality, so in 2016 I’ve upped my search for another job. I was looking for a job in the Netherlands again to get rid of the hassle with Belgian taxes and health insurance and the Belgian system of pretty strict class seperation: workers and “higher” personnel.


By the end of january this year, at one of the many job interviews I’ve done, the odds of a new job at Katoen Natie were looking good. A Belgium company again, but this time a Dutch contract. So no more “frontier worker” or as we call it “grensarbeider”. And once again a job as a foreman with a nice paycheck. February came with good news: I had the job! The biggest change I was hoping for!


In the mean time, things have changed at the new job too. I started out working early shift every day (I’ve gotten used to that) but staring next week I’ll be working both early and late shift. I’ve got some extra tasks as dispatcher and the team has gotten a lot smaller. But I still like the job and the challenge. And, also important, the salary leaves enough space for some more changes coming this year.


But that’s something for a later post.



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