This week hasn't been a very good one. I've been sniffling since last weekend, but last Tuesday, on my way to work, I stopped to fill up my car and I started sweating all over while shaking on my legs.

So I rested a bit a the gas station and went back to see the doctor. She confirmed my suspicion that is was the flu. Advice was to stay at home and rest

I took the doctors advice and stayed home. As a result my wife got infected too. So we were sniffling, coughing and feeling miserable together. Share and share alike you could say. :roll: And it seems that my mother was also struck by the flu. Flu epidemic 2018 is a bad one it seems!

But by now, I'm slowly feeling better and the wife is (very) slowly improving too. Seems that my mother is getting a bit better too, so who's gonna be the next victim?  :P
And if the weather god are willing to kick start spring, we'll be alright soon. I might even check my trike today to carefully go for a small ride tomorrow. Just to see how much of an impact the flu had on my body.

In the meantime, some healing fumes, potions and pills for a complete recovery as soon as possible...


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