For 8 I've been driving my 2005 Peugeot Partner. Bought as a second hand car in 2011, it really has been a loyal and fun partner for many miles. But lately, the Peugeot started suffering from old age. Specifically some typical brand quirks, so time for me to go look at a replacement.


Those Partners / Berlingo's are terrific cars to drive, before my Partner I had a Citroën Berlingo. With the high seating you get a good overview, which comes in handy in modern day traffic where everybody seems to be in a rush. The successor had to be a car with plenty of cargo space again, for taking stuff to the recycling center, collecting building materials for diy at home, etc...


As I've mentioned, my Partner started suffering from old age. The power steering system started screaming like a banshee, the locks of the sliding doors had wouldn't open anymore and the clutch started failing. So, allhough still a beauty on the outside it was end of the line for this faithfull partner.



I knew the replacement would be a car at a lower budget, but one box that had to be ticked would be cargo space. And to be honest, I really would like a change from the MPV concept. So I went looking for a station wagon.


Looked at a lot of cars, among others a Peugeot 307 SW, Suzuki Baleno, etc.. but one really caught my eye: a 2006 Chevrolet Nubira:



Those "after market" alloy rims aren't real beauties, but beggars can't be choosers...




A pretty straight forward station wagon, by some defined as very plain or even boring, but what can I say, I liked this one. And a very important thing for someone with a bad back: the seats are really comfortable. So I went for this Korean Chevy.


I've been driving it for over a week now and it really is a nice ride!

Okay, so the motor of the rear wiper doesn't work but that should be an easy repair. And the Chevy needs new tires. Besides that, it's proving to be a great companion so far.


And of course, as with all the cars I've had, I always add a bit of a personal touch. A bit of fun that makes it my own.


Yep, someone is watching my speed! cool



I wonder how long and how many miles this Asian Chevy will serve my needs.

Time will tell... wink


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