First, let this old fart explain something to those who don't recognize this logo or know the the name "Winamp" . Once upon a time (that used to mean more than 30 years ago, nowadays it's hardly a decade ago surprised) there was a piece of software to organise your music files and listen to them, called Winamp. A very nice and versatile piece of software I might add. With the rise of the Android smartphones, an app was published. But at one time, Winamp died (not a clue as to why, but if anyone wants to find out, you might find the answer in the still active forum) it was even before streaming and such became a "thing".


Anyway, from the time I got my first Android phone, I installed Winamp as my MP3 player. Even though more and more music apps crowded the play store, I stayed true to this app. I've tried several other apps, but none came close to my favourite MP3 dinosaur. Good user interface, very good folder hierarchy and easy "lock-screen" controls.

But nowadays, with everything getting old / out in no time, if you want to try Winamp you won't find it in the play store any more. Although the community is still active, the app is no longer being developed (for now??) so Google removed it. Fortunately, the internet can offer a solution to most problems / challenges.
If you'd like to try out Winamp, click on the logo below to download it:

This is the free version of Winamp. If you'd like the hacked pro-version, go dig through the Winamp forum. You might find a link to the apk there. And for those who'd like to know how to install an apk file, check this out: click! Enjoy the music! wink

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