Back to vinyl

Last week I bought myself a new toy for some “old-fashioned” entertainment:
A record player!
So time to blow the dust off of the old vinyl. A big box with long-play records and a little case filled to the brim with 45 rpm singles. It’s gonna be a trip down memory lane while listening to and digitizing my musical preferences from my youth.

vpl-200-blackThe record player is a Denver vpl-200, suitable for connecting to my laptop. So to test it, I plugged the USB cable into my Bunsenlabs (linux) computer and Audacity had no problems recognizing/connecting to the player. No extra drivers, no hassle. Exactly as I expected from al Linux computer. 😀

You can also just listen to your records on this gramophone. It has a built-in amplifier and 2 small speakers. Don’t expect real hi-fi quality though. The speakers are to small for that and de record player casing is hardly a speaker box. But you can connect an external amp and speakers.

I’ll be starting the digitizing proces soon.
But I all ready know I’m gonna find some records that make me think “what the hell was I thinking…” 😛


3 comments on “Back to vinyl

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  2. Trudy Den Herder

    Ach wat leuk, ik heb ook die wens, alleen ik heb mijn platen van weleer niet meer, dat is jammer, maar ik verlang ook weer naar de platenspeler.

    1. Frank

      De platenspeler en de vinyl platen hebben een bepaalde charme die net iets meer toevoegt dan de digitale luister ervaring. Blij dat ik m’n platen en singles nooit weg gedaan heb.

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