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The sad demise of a little blue bird

I’ve had a twitter account for a couple of years. It was fun at first, even interesting from time to time. Having contact with like-minded people over the world. And posting messages with maximum 140 character never was a problem. A nice challenge even. But slowly the little blue birds timeline started changing (in my opinion that is).

More and more political babbling, “begging-tweets” for charities, people only interested in their own so called super achievement of afflictions. Interaction with others became less and less and one by one accounts I was following disappeared from my timeline.

I have to admit, I also posted tweets about my (political) opinions, an update about my collection of physical afflictions and photo’s which were great in my personal opinion. But most of the time I tried to keep my tweets neutral, but of fun, exchanging experiences and just a bit of babbling. That was why I joined Twitter. But that interaction decreased and most tweets on my timeline became more and more a one-way lane of communicating and more and more pushy.

Especially around the time of the united states elections and the beginning of the Brexit. The whole Trump and Brexit thing didn’’t interest me much, but my timeline overflowed with tweet about this. So I ignored my Twitter account in October 2016. A year later I decided to check out Twitter again. Not much had changed it seems, except for the fact that more accounts of people I’’ve been following had gone quiet or had disappeared. Probably for the same reasons that made me decide to take a “Twitter-sabbatical” for a year.

So last month I just had about enough of my little blue bird account and delete dit. A sad demise of what once was a fun online activity with international connections and virtual friendships. Some of those virtual friendships continue on my Instagram account. And from time to time I take a look at Facebook, but mainly for the Facebook groups to gather information. The rest of my time online I spend on fora and blogs, Maybe a bit old fashioned nowadays, but more interesting, straight forward and fun. But that’s my personal opinion of course! 😉

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