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Clear enough! Right?

For the last couple of weeks at work, I’ve been busy  moving the warehouse from one building to another. It’s proven to be quite the job, also because of less than perfect communication and co-operation from those “on the higher levels”. But me being me, I’m going for it with. Putting some muscle into it with some music and a big wink to reality. Just going for it…

Last week me and a co-worker have finished putting up the fence for the new warehouse. We even got the crooked gate in place and it closes!  ❗  Took some blood, sweat and tears though… And then you learn that some co-workers still don’t know when the warehouse is open. It’s only been since 2013 that openings hours are from 06:00 till 14:00 on workdays…  😯

So, time to put up a notice about the openings hours of the warehouse. Even using colours for those colleagues who are intelligently challenged! Should be clear enough now, right? 😛
Translation below the picture)

The warehouse will be open during normal openings hours.
Outside openings hours the warehouse isn’t opened because it’s closed.
If the warehouse isn’t closed, than it’s open. If not than it’s closed.

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