I like all things cycling. Riding a bike / trike (upright or recumbent) and working on bikes. Especially working with creative solutions.

My “work-out” music

I know, listening to music while cycling is a touchy subject. A lot has been said about it on the net (even some seriously overheated debates), but it's a common sight on the streets and bicycle lanes these days. And yes, I listen to music while cycling too. Mostly on my morning commute that is. At 3:30 am there's not much traffic about, and other road users can easily be seen by their lights. So the music isn't that much of a distraction. The only part of my morning commute where I turn the music off, is while riding through the woods. No music can beat the singing of the birds. ;)


Side bags for my trike

For a while now, I was looking for a way to mount side bags to my trike. For easy to reach stuff while riding and for those things you want to keep an eye on. Like camera, keys, wallet, snacks, etc… For my Trident Stowaway there is no out-of-the-box solution and here in this area


New mirrors on my trike

It’s been about 6 months now since I’ve got my Trident Stowaway trike. Up until now I’ve only ridden about 400 km, but one thing I wanted to change from the beginning was the mirror! The Stowaway came with 1 mirror, on the left side.      Not a bad mirror mind you, but due to


My gps choice on my bike

From mechanical odometer and cycle computer to smartphone app. I’ve used it almost all. Nowadays I use both cycle computer and smartphone app. Cycle computer because I had it at hand (and while mounted on the bike it’s not just lying around), app because I like to look back at the rides I’ve been doing.


a little aid to get into and out of the trike

Because I have a bad back, I’ve mounted bar-ends on the handlebar of my trike to help me get in and out of my trike. (Or whatever you call it with a tadpole trike 😉  )   And believe it or not, it actually does the trick!  😀