Photo’s and videos

Everywhere I go, my camera goes with me. Either my smartphone or my compact camera. And while out riding I often turn on my action cam.


July 10, 2016
Reflecting while taking a break during a ride...


Oncoming traffic with an attitude

Some people just don't give a damn about others.

Yesterday, 17-02-2018, I've encountered this oncoming farmer. I have 3 headlights on my trike, so I thought I was pretty visible. This farmer was either sleeping, playing with his phone or just don't gives a shit about other road users. :(


First (short) ride of the year

Yesterday I did the first (short) ride of the year on my Trident Stowaway trike. Despite the cold it felt good riding again, but my legs are gonna need a lot more work out rides to become recumbent legs again. For now: easy does it, the rest will come! 😉


Riding an old Flandria bicycle

Riding an old Flandria bicycle through eastern Zeeuws Vlaanderen (zeelandic flanders):