setThe conversion kits to turn our Trident Trikes Stowaways into e-trikes are installed. The kits by Ebike Efos were delivered and complete, so last weekend I've started installing them. As this was the first time I've transferred a bike into an e-bike I was expecting that it would take over half a day to get it done, but it went pretty smoothly. Despite the rainy intermissions a week ago.

The original rear wheel was replaced by the wheel with hub motor from the set. It came with a 9 speed cassette, so after changing tires and installing the cassette the new wheel was ready to be mounted into the frame.



Het nieuwe achterwiel met naafmotor en 9-speed cassette

The new rear wheel with hub motor and 9-speed cassette

Oude achterwiel uit de stowaway verwijderd Removed the original rear wheel from the Stowaway

 First step completed.

Then it was time to install the pedal assist sensor. I wanted to place it on the left side of the "bottom" bracket, but that's an internal  cup so I had to place it on the right side. Had to remove the smallest chain wheel, but that's never been used and with the motor assist I guess I won't be needing that at all.

Pedal assist sensor and magnet disc

 In stead of the standard LED display, we've opted for a LCD display that offers more ride info and setting options.

KT-LCD1 display

Final step was placing controller and battery and hooking everything up. At first I thought about placing controller and battery in my trunk bag, but to keep everything dry I've bought a M-wave topkoffer. Keeps everything dry and has space for other stuff like rain jacket, first aid kit, etc...


Battery and controller in the "boot" of the bike

Nicely protected

All in all the e-trike conversion didn't cause any real problems and was pretty easy to do. Converting my trike took about 4 to 5 hours (including rainy intermissions), converting my wife's trike was done within 3,5 hours.
After the conversion I did a short test ride. And even though it still feels a bit like "fake-cycling" it rides great! So, I'm glad I went for this option.


The Trident Trikes Stowaway is now a DIY E-Trike cool

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