EFOSOver a year ago, I've reposted an article about why I wasn't going to ride an  e-bike quite yet, but....

I'm not getting any younger and I find the longer you wait, the harder it gets to go back to frequent bike rides again. So, as the month of may is also the month for holiday bonus, I've started searching for information and reviews on e-bikes and suppliers. And yes, I'm gonna do it!

I mean, I'm not going to buy an e-bike, I'm going to convert my Trident Trikes Stowaway into a pedal-assist trike. Much cheaper solution to get my rickety body into action again.
After extensive searching, comparing several options I've found a suitable conversion kit at e-bike efos, reasonably priced and according to others a dealer with good service and quality products. I went for a 250 watt motor (due to dutch regulations) in a rear wheel hub. Having watched several youtube video's it seems to be a reasonably simple installation and 250 watts should be effective enough
So yesterday I've ordered 2 kits (the wife is "going electric" too) but informed in advance if the cable of the pedal sensor could be made longer (after all, it's a recumbent trike).
With any luck, the conversion kits will arrive this week. And with a 3 day weekend ahead I've got the time for installing, tinkering and testing. If all goes well that is.… cool

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