Although it has been about 6 months since I've last rode my trike, the cycling bug starts biting again. It seems that this bug may slumber but will never die (fortunately). In the meantime, it's wintertime. So short days and many dark hours. Especially for an convicted early bird like me. That's why I've been looking into lighted flagpoles for my trike to get a bit more visibility and safety.

The (LED) illuminated flagpoles are very hard to get here, so I searched for some other options. While googling, I found some info on this site:  Anyone Can Bike. They explain how to light up a flagpole with EL-wire. Not that hard to do and you don't have to buy a new flagpole. So I've started searching for red and blue EL-wire (my wife wants her flagpole to light up in matching colour with her blue trike) and transparent heat shrink. I found the required EL-wire at the dutch Joni's winkel, in both colours. The transparent heat shrink was available at (also dutch). Despite post en parcel services being very busy during the holidays (one of their better and acceptable excuses) I've ordered at both shops and the wire arrived yesterday.

Fun stuff this EL-wire! So this morning I started working on both flagpoles and the result is pretty decent I think:

Not as bright as LED lights, but every little bit counts. Most certainly where safety is concerned. And I think this will be an eye catcher here in Zeelandic Flanders, as we might be the only 2 trikes with a light up flagpole. Now waiting on the heat shrink to finish it all off. Should be delivered today (should the postal service be so kind). And weather and health permitting, I'm finally gonna go out for a ride on my Trident Stowaway tomorrow. During the early and dark hours of course!

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