Goodbye to an old friend…

Last week I’ve brought my old Flandria bike to the recycling center.  🙁
I had 4 bikes in the shed and next month my wife will probably be buying a trike too. SoI had to make room for another tricycle.

I do feel sorry for “dumping” the old beast. I’ve tried to sell it on several websites, but the highest offer I’ve got was 10 euro’s and they expected me to deliver the bike about 75 km from here! Don’t think so…

But, judging by the face of the manager at the recycling center, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the old beast on the road again this summer.

That scrap metal tip is full, put that bike in front of it.

I could clearly see that the tip was only three quarters full.

Anyway, for me: RIP Flandria! Three more bikes to hit the road.


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