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E-bike? Not quite yet…

For a long time, I’ve tried to do my 60km commute as often by bike as possible. But I’m on the other side of the “magical” or “big” 50 now and struggling a bit with my body. So more and more people ask me why I don’t buy an electric assist bike. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about it now and then, but I don’t like the thought of it.

More and more e-bikes are making their way on the bike lanes. Young and old have embraced the bicycle with power assisted pedaling. But also more often, it looks like the e-bike riders can’t really deal with the difference in speed on the bike lane (specially the 45 kph pedelecs) or they think they have more rights than others. It seems like the e-bike doesn’t go well with social cycling. Ad to that that commercially there’s hardly any attention for other bicycles, and that is why I don’t like e-bikes. 😐

For me, I still enjoy cycling the “old fashioned way”. Unassisted that is. True, I struggle a bit more against headwind, more tired when I get home and my average speed will be lower and lower. Still, sitting in a stair, dripping with sweat catching my breath gives me a good feeling: I did it again and I did it MYSELF! Nothing can beat that feeling, let me tell you that! I doubt if the e-bike can give me that same feeling.

For now, you can find this guy happily sweating and panting while pushing his non-electric-assisted around. I did switch to a recumbent trike in 2017 to be a bit more comfortable though, but I might turn into an old git on a steel horse, until that moment when I really can’t do it anymore. And then we’ll see… In the mean time, I enjoy the looks (often) filled with appreciation and respect when this old-fart arrives at work.

With a smile and a happy feeling I get off my bike, and hide for a few moments to catch my breath… 😉

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  1. […] een jaar geleden heb ik een bericht opnieuw geplaatst dat ik voorlopig nog even niet zou overstappen op een e-bike, maar….  Ik word er niet jonger op, en de drempel om terug vaker te gaan fietsen lijkt […]

  2. Piet Piet

    Mijn ervaring is dat ik op mijn Riese & Müller Charger e-(speed)bike net zoveel inspanning kan leveren als in mijn Quest of op mijn roeifiets. Ik geef wel toe dat het verleidelijk is om wat minder inspanning te leveren, maar ik krijg eerder teveel dan te weinig beweging en dan is een e-bike een goede aanvulling.

    • Die verleiding probeer ik dus te voorkomen. Mezelf stimuleren om meer te bewegen, niet toegeven aan pijn en (on)gemak maar zelf nieuwe grenzen zoeken, kijken wat dit lichaam nog kan.
      Voorlopig zonder ondersteuning dus.

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