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A new start, by choice this time!

Cycling is one of my hobbies. Riding a bike, maintaining a bike and tinkering on a bike. However, since January 2014 my cycling went downhill (in the bad kind of way!). Due to broken toes, bad back, bad legs, etc… I hardly got on the bike. This meant that my physical condition deteriorated to, not to mention my motivation for cycling. And finding motivation again is one of the hardest things. Because of my back problems I realized that keeping on cycling on a normal bike wouldn’t be the right thing to do, so to make a new start I started looking into recumbent bikes again and in november I’ve decided to buy a recumbent trike. (these got my attention many years ago b.t.w.)

The trike I went for is a Trident Trikes Stowaway, bought at Jouta ligfietsen in Zwijndrecht (NL). A dealer / builder with excellent service! First I made an appointment to test some trikes before making a choice as I was interested in a KMX carts Viper too. But that trike has such a low seat that my back locked up even before my butt even reached it! The Stowaway was also available for testing and that trike felt good from the word go. So choice made, told Rudy from Jouta my wishes and intended use for the trike and soon it was delivered. There was the opportunity to make a fresh start with my cycling.

But why a recumbent trike?
Not a difficult decision for me as I already had very positive recumbent experience on my M5 Streetlegal in the 90’s. I had to sell that bike because I lost my job. When I started working again a normal bike was bought. But I always had the intention of going “bent” again. To avoid stability issues, it was going to be a trike this time. No extra effort to stay upright and always your seat available to take a relaxing break. The fact that a trike is slower than most bent or upright bikes doesn’t bother me. Speed isn’t a priority, enjoying the ride is.

Anyway, as soon as the Stowaway had arrived I couldn’t wait to do some minor alterations to make it “my personal” trike and most importantly, make it safe and suitable for commuting. As my morning commute usually starts at about 3 am, the trike really needed very good lights and lots of reflective surface. Main issue is that other road user get a good idea of the width of the trike, so they don’t think they are passing a standard (small) cyclist. With a width of about 90 cm, the Stowaway needs some more space on the road.

By now my trike is (almost?) ready for commuting and touring (sigh of relieve by the wife!) so time for me to build up my motivation and physical condition. Photo’s and videos about my rides will be posted on this side.



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