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My gps choice on my bike

From mechanical odometer and cycle computer to smartphone app. I’ve used it almost all. Nowadays I use both cycle computer and smartphone app. Cycle computer because I had it at hand (and while mounted on the bike it’s not just lying around), app because I like to look back at the rides I’ve been doing.

As far as a smartphone app is concerned, I’ve tried out 4 but eventually always ended up with the same one.
First app I’ve tried was Sports-Tracker, on my Nokia E71. Not a bad app, but the site just wasn’t what I expected or wanted.

When my Nokia got replaced by a Sony Ericksson Xperia Active I switched to Endomondo, but both the app and the site were a let down. Lot’s of advertisements and the rankings for the challenges were dubious to say the least. People riding up to 1300 km / day was normal, well at least for Endomondo…

In the mean time some people I’ve “met” through Twitter were active on Strava, so I thought let’s try that one (account still active). App and site are good, especially the social part of it. But the app is often a battery drain and the Strava mentality in general…  (if it isn’t on Strava, it didn’t happen)…

My Xperia Active got replaced by a CAT B15Q with SportyPal,  a site that was almost dead at the time and an app that drained my battery within 2 hours. Removed the app and my account and never looked back.

Than somebody told me about IpBike, a independent app playing nice with my battery and customize the screen to your needs. It has a bit of a learning curve but personally I like this app the best. It has an option to upload your rides to several sites like Strava or you can download a gpx file and upload it to a site of your choice. Or use the gpx file in a off-line program like MyTourbook.

There are a lot of cycling / tracking apps, and I’ve have found my favourite app to register and save my rides.
But it is still a personal choice of course.  😉

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