Side bags for my trike

For a while now, I was looking for a way to mount side bags to my trike. For easy to reach stuff while riding and for those things you want to keep an eye on. Like camera, keys, wallet, snacks, etc…

For my Trident Stowaway there is no out-of-the-box solution and here in this area there was no alternative to find, so I made a “prototype” from some bits and pieces I had lying around and bought some small parts.

Using 2 small ahead-stems by Zoom and a piece of 28 mm central heating tubing I made a base, using 22mm central heating tubing for the horizontal part: With some brass couplings and some more 22mm tubing shaping it and giving it a color to match my trike:

Finishing off by painting the brass parts black:

Mounted to my trike and using klickfix adapters for my handlebar bags:

Time will tell if this is a workable solution. If not, I’ll be experimenting and tinkering some more.  😉



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