About Frank V


I’m Frank, dropped into this world in 1965 and I live in the south-west of the Netherlands. In a region called “Zeeuws Vlaanderen”. I’ve started this site after having a blog for several years. And now I wanted something different. Even as a kid I had a passion for bicycles and cycling and (almost) all things related like tinkering my bike, bicycle history etc…

So why this site? First off to share experiences and routes i’ve done and to collect information I’ve collected about cycling. Everything in 1 place. And I know, there are cycling sites aplenty! But for me it’s a personal extension to my cycling hobby.

And why bilingual? Well, the web is a bit like cycling. Sometimes you get further than you’ve expected and you never know who you’re gonna meet. 🙂

By the way, my native language is dutch. So please forgive me if my english isn’t perfect. 😉

My preference is touring with my bike. No need for speed, no weight watcher, just simply enjoying myself. Seeing al lot while touring and relaxing. No problem for me hanging about if I find a nice spot. I’ve also done some bike hiking. Been to France by bike and twice to Hasting for example.

Some other hobbies of mine are: photography (actually, more like taking snapshots, nothing “professional”) and sometimes writing poetry. There will be posts of both hobbies on this site too.