Since the end of last year, I've started with a new hobby: Pyrography or wood-burning. I already had a simple pyrography pen and last christmas my wife gave me two books with instructions and examples to finally make a real start with this pastime.

But first, what is pyrography:

Pyro = fire and Graphy is related to writing

So pyrography is writing or drawing on wood, leather etc.., by means of heat.

This is done with a pyrography pen, the hot tip burns lines and shades

on the surface thus creating tekst or an image.


In december 2018, I've bought a cheap pyrography set at the Lidl, simple but good enough to try my hand at this hobby and see if it was "my thing". And let's be honest, you can't go wrong for 8 euro's. It's a woodburning pen with 7 burner tips and 7 stamps (click for larger pictures):

 lidl-set   tipjes


I've done some testing to try it out (lines, dots, squares, etc...) and I liked it. But I got a new job early last year and that required a lot of time (learning, long hours, getting used to new team and work) so the pyrography set ended up in a drawer until last christmas my wife gave me a present.

She bought me 2 beginner books as a surprise. This motivated me to pick up the burning pen again and give pyrography a serious try. So by now I've finished some small "projects" (and again: click for larger images):


IMG-20191227-074144420 IMG-20191227-105215409 IMG-20200121-095313 IMG-20200126-094354

And made my brother a birthday present:

IMG-20200122-084443 IMG-20200124-082235


This video shows you what pyrography is and how it's done:

And if you want to try it out for yourself, there are plenty of affordable sets on the market to make a start without burning a hole in your budget wink


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