An involuntary new start

Early december my site was moved from one server to another as the hosting company was taken over by another. Moving the site didn’t go quite flawless it seems. Checking my site after the move and the database of my wordpress site was completely empty! No posts, no replies, no settings for site or plug-in’s. 🙁
The backup by the new hosting company seemed empty too, and my backup turned out to be a corrupted file…

At first I removed wordpress from the server, didn’t feel like starting over (again). But on the other hand, a new year is starting so why not make a fresh, new start with this site? Let’s just see how it goes from here.

So, at the moment you’ll find a pretty much empty site here. Hopefully to be filled with new posts in 2017.  😉

Allow me to already wish you a happy new year and a good beginning everyone!



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