My Trident Stowaway, 18 months later

I've been riding a trike since november 2016 now. And as with most of the bikes I have or had, it's been gradually modified to my needs and wants. The trike itself as delivered by Rudy from Jouta Ligfietsen was pretty good to start with:

Trident Trikes Stowaway My Stowaway as delivered by Jouta


New mirrors on my trike

It’s been about 6 months now since I’ve got my Trident Stowaway trike. Up until now I’ve only ridden about 400 km, but one thing I wanted to change from the beginning was the mirror! The Stowaway came with 1 mirror, on the left side.      Not a bad mirror mind you, but due to


a little aid to get into and out of the trike

Because I have a bad back, I’ve mounted bar-ends on the handlebar of my trike to help me get in and out of my trike. (Or whatever you call it with a tadpole trike 😉  )   And believe it or not, it actually does the trick!  😀


Home made toe straps

Although a recumbent trike is very comfortable and stable to ride, it holds one risk of injury, namely “leg suck”, when your foot slips from the pedal while riding and gets underneath your trike. This can result in serious injuries. A lot of trikes are equipped with toeclips, replaced by clipless pedals by many riders.


Headlights powered by a usb powerbank

One of the first additions to my new trike are 2 headlights. At first I was wondering about choosing battery powered lights or headlights for a hub generator. But on my other bikes I have Busch & Muller headlights on a dynamo hub and I very much like the amount of light and the dispersion