My Trident Stowaway, 18 months later

I've been riding a trike since november 2016 now. And as with most of the bikes I have or had, it's been gradually modified to my needs and wants. The trike itself as delivered by Rudy from Jouta Ligfietsen was pretty good to start with:

Trident Trikes Stowaway My Stowaway as delivered by Jouta


Nightrider (2)

Riding through the darkness
Like protective arms around me
Only interrupted by my headlights
The world sleeps and seems peaceful
Through the silence of the night
Like a comfortable blanket embracing me



20180408 Relaxed trike touring

Yesterday I went out fora n easy and relaxed trike tride. Left a bit later than I planned (5:20 am) but is was still nice and quiet on the road. Some of the crossing on the N62 road were closed resulting in quite a hectic weekend in my village of Westdorpe due to heavy traffic. So I decided to ride the country roads and went east to greet the rising sun should the clouds give way.


Oncoming traffic with an attitude

Some people just don't give a damn about others.

Yesterday, 17-02-2018, I've encountered this oncoming farmer. I have 3 headlights on my trike, so I thought I was pretty visible. This farmer was either sleeping, playing with his phone or just don't gives a shit about other road users. :(


Side bags for my trike

For a while now, I was looking for a way to mount side bags to my trike. For easy to reach stuff while riding and for those things you want to keep an eye on. Like camera, keys, wallet, snacks, etc… For my Trident Stowaway there is no out-of-the-box solution and here in this area