The inhabitants of some towns and villages in Zeelandic Flanders have nicknames, depending on where they live.
Here is a short overview (far from complete I think and the translation of the nicknames is a fairly free interpretation to stay as close to the orignal meaning as possible)

I'm always open to additions, corrections, etc... You can use  the contact form or leave a reply.


Aardenburg-hagAardenburg: Kikkers (frogs)

A long time ago, the local brass band of Aardenburg got new uniforms. These were very green and very notable. People from surrounding villages started calling the people from Aardenburg "frogs" .Nowadays it's considered a honorary title and the frog has become the symbol of the town.




Axel-hagAxel: Erpelkappers (potato choppers)

People from Axel are called Erpelkapper because in the old days after harvest they went on the fields with their hoe to look for remaining potatos.





Wapen-CadzandCadzand: Stoepschyters (sidewalk crappers)

Inhabitants of Cadzans are called Stoepschyters; because  according to old stories they liked to crap on someones sidewalk. surprised





Hulst-hagHulst: Vossen (foxes)

Hulstenaren are called vossen because of the medieval  story about Reynaert the fox.  A fable said to take place in Hulst (or thereabouts).





Wapen-OssenisseOssenisse: Ossekoppen (oxen heads)

The people of Ossenisse are called Ossekoppen (and not just during carnival) because of their stubbornness.





Terneuzen-hagTerneuzen: ook Stoepeschieters (also sidewalk crappers)

Terneuzenaren are called stoepeschieters or stoepenschijters for centuries. Mainly because country folk thought city people were arrogant and the sidewalks in front of their houses was seen as a sign of vanity and pride.




Zaamslag-hagZaamslag: Stropielekkers (syrup lickers)

In Zaamslag people are called Stropielekkers. In the old days a man regularly came through Zaamslag selling syrup. The syrup was on a cart in a big barrel with a tap. The tap had a leak and people used to go after the cart with a pot to collect the leaking syrup.




Zuidzande-hagZuidzande: Zevendraaiers (seven turners)

The people of Zuidzande are called zevendraaiers due to the old windmill in the Molenstraat. An old folk rhyme tells that if they let the wind blow in Oostburg, the mill blades would turn for seven days.






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