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Well, it's taken a while, but we're slowly opening up our new site!
After quite a few months of learning to work with the Joomla CMS script and searching / learning the necessary extensions, we started filling our webshop with our second hand stuff and a few things from our hobbies. .
Of course there were a few things that came in between, such as life, work and health... But it should now be at a point where we can open things up.

Just to be sure, a few points we would like to emphasize:

  • We are not a commercial company!! We do this purely as a hobby to get rid of our unnecessary stuff. Like at a flea market, but online.
  • Be sure to read our:
  • If you have any questions and/or comments, please send an email to site at or use the contact form. We always try to respond as quickly as possible!
  • Joomla is fairly new to us, so there may still be some errors or small problems. As sound as we find out about them or get notifiied, we try to correct it as quickly as possible.

As for now:
Feel free to browse around at your leisure! Read (and maybe respond to) the blog posts and take a look around our shop. We're curious what you think!


Daniella & Frank

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