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pyrographyThe word comes from the Greek “pur” (fire) and “graphos” (writing), meaning writing with fire. In modern practise, this is more drawing than writing, with some artists creating truly fantastic pieces of art.

The exact origins of pyrography are unknown, as wood (being organic) doesn’t survive well over thousands of years. Some believe its origins pre-date history, where cavemen would use charred sticks, to mark and burn the wood. The practise of pyrography however can be traced back as far as the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), where it was known as Fire Needle Embroidery. Pyrography is an ever changing art form, as it is always being reinvented with new tools, techniques, materials and styles.

With pyrography art, there is no set style, it’s open to personal interpretation. While some artists stick to a traditional approach, others are bending the boundaries with their own unique styles, by incorporating paints, wood oils and stains.

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