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Welcome to!
The renewed site where Daniella's second-hand shop is combined with Frank's weblog. Hence the name DaniFra. 😉 A site where we will also try to sell some results of our (creative) hobbies.

Such as the results of, for example, pyrography, casting of soaps, working/playing with watercolor paint and pencils and results of Narrow or Canal Boat Art (also called Castles and Roses).

In the shop section of our site you will also find some second-hand books, magazines and/or other items that we no longer need or that we found while browsing around. Everything second-hand, but still in such good condition that it can still be used. (The condition that an item is in is also clearly stated in the description).

In the weblog section we will post articles about our hobbies and matters that interest us. We also dedicated a blog category to the region we live: Zeelandic Flanders.

Browse around on our site, we hope you like it and will come back! 😎

But please note:

We are NOT  a commercial company, this is just a site for our creative hobbies and the fun we have snooping around on jumble sales and such.
You could look upon our site as our on-line car-boot spot! 😉

Greetings from Daniella & Frank

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